Saturday, 16 August 2008

Western media continues to bash China

In a desperate attempt to keep the criticism of China up at all costs, the western media has gone to the extraordinary lengths of researching the internet to see what Chinese people are saying about the Games.

The mystery of the half-filled stands at many events at the 2008 Olympic Games has been solved, according to Chinese internet users, who say it is the result of a policy to prevent the gathering of large and possibly uncontrollable crowds.

They claim ticket sales to the public were secretly restricted. Blocks of tickets went to government departments, Communist party officials or state-owned companies, which have quietly obeyed orders not to hand them out. “People are so angry because they slept all night outside ticket booths and got nothing and now they see this,” said one blogger, Jian Yu.

Can you believe it? When will the western media accept that the glorious Chinese nation and its 5000 years of history have put on the most incredible Games ever?



You wanna go pick up some scalped tickets this week comrade?

Joel said...

Wow, that article was incredible. And by incredible, I mean it's too bad it was in digital format, because otherwise I could wipe my ass with it for months to come.

Can somebody please remind these journalists that if you're writing a thesis (i.e.: China's government is evil), each paragraph needs to start with a topic sentence that connects to and supports your main argument. I completely lost the guy once he started talking about the "Stalinist palace in west Beijing." I thought we were talking about unfilled stadiums here.

Besides, I think the idea that restricted ticket sales are causing empty stadiums is preposterous. The only reason the seats are half empty is because all of the noble-hearted sport-loving Chinese who actually got tickets through the lotteries have been too busy trying to scalp them for 50 times their face value.

Guerilla Snorefare said...

Well I wouldn't say 50 times, their value... more like 20 times maybe. Why, just yesterday I was offered tickets to the Bird's Nest for a mere 2000 kuai.

Anonymous said...

Forget the bashing,,,,The bigger question is...WHEN WILL CHINA, STOP POLLUTING THE WORLD!!